Leading in Fiber Optic Installation, Testing & Splicing

Fiber Optic Services

Carlson Technologies Inc.'s Fiber Optic Division is your most reliable partner in the ever-changing world of fiber installation by offering the most experienced and qualified staff who provide professional fiber services.

Fusion Splicing & Infrastructure

Providing fiber optic fusion splicing and infrastructure builds for everything from internal intra-business MDF/IDF implementation to large scale city-to-city telecom networks. We work with small to large businesses, government entities, and ISP’s to provide accurate and professional fiber optic services, enhancing both their network design and reliability.

Emergency & Repair Services

Let our 24/7/365 onsite response teams provide efficient repair services for your network. Our dedicated teams of professionals are prepared and outfitted to tackle any potential emergency from physical breaks to high priority builds, data center splicing and troubleshooting, aerial splicing and lashing, hot cuts, ring cuts, and more.

Network Design & Project Management

Allow our experienced project managers to help design and implement comprehensive fiber optic network services for your business. Our engineers work efficiently and effectively to collaborate with your employees to tailor a solid fiber optic infrastructure to carry you into the future.

Emergency Telephone Pole Setting

Our Fiber Tech team are quick to respond and repair telephone poles that were damaged due to weather, accidents or normal wear and tear. Our team of professionals have all the tools required to work quickly and efficiently to restore the flow of power by setting new poles.

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