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Surveillance Systems

Keep an eye on your business with our state of the art surveillance systems. Capture actionable data through a customizable surveillance network and interface with an intuitive user experience. At Carlson Technologies, we can set your business up with a system that works for your needs. We use industry-leading IP-based cameras and accessories because they offer the clear, crisp video quality needed to keep your business protected.

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What are the benefits for having a surveillance system for your business?

Advanced monitoring and recording systems can help protect your business in the event of many catastrophes. Retail stores would see the benefits from reducing theft by customers as well as employees. Not only does surveillance prevent theft but it also helps apprehend thieves with the clear picture to give to police. Many businesses can benefit from monitoring the workplace especially places that sell expensive products such as jewelry stores and banks. Of course office buildings and factories won't have as much problem with theft from customers. Nevertheless, they might face security issues with their employees stealing products or time. As much as product theft can affect your business, unproductive employees can affect your profits.

Carlson Technologies' IT team can set you up with a system that provides crystal clear video and the space to store the footage through cloud storage.

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