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Data Storage and Recovery

Any important documents saved on your business computer or website risk being lost if anything were to happen. The results of unrecoverable data loss can be damaging to your business. It's important to back-up your data regularly. At Carlson Technologies, we can back-up your data and ensure that you can recover in the event of a lost or changed file.

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Why is Data Storage and Recovery Important?

You risk loosing your files permanently if you only save them in one location. Hardware malfunction or cyber attacks can put your data at risk. Data storage is an insurance. Backing up your files in another location provides you with a way to recover them. There are many types of back-up data storage. Basically, it can be anything you save the files to that isn't attached to the original source. This can be a USB drive, a CD or a program. In recent years, cloud-based storage systems became the perfect place to back-up your data. Data storage and recovery are important to every business. Taking the proper precautions can save you time and money later.

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