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Network Infrastructure

Carlson Technologies, Inc offers network optimization services for a secure and faster network. A structured platform creates a network capable of handling data heavy demands. As a result, an optimized network improves performance so that you can share data faster with a steadier connection.

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What is a Network Infrastructure?

A network is the connection needed for internal and external communication. Beginning with hardware such as routers, LAN cards, cables, and switches. Next is software for operation and management, but also for security. Not only those, but your operating systems and firewall as well. Client devices are the easiest to understand. In other words, your computer or mobile device that connects to the network. Last are network services such as T-1 Fiber optic lines, DSL, and satellites.

The network framework consists of users who access data on the network. This can include customers accessing the company website or employee communication.

What are the benefits of optimizing our network?

An orderly network makes your connection faster, more secure and reliable. Network enhancing plays a big role in improving network performance. In fact, changes to any of the parts of a network infrastructure can effect the connection.

Changes can include

extra devices connected to the network

more software being used

increased data shared

additional external devices accessing your network

A business optimizes their network as they grow and adapt to upgrades in technology. Our IT team can boost your network so we can verify that your network is secure and reliable.

Want a faster, more efficient network?