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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions allow your business to address, adapt, and overcome the struggles with today's need for a remote office environment. Bring ideas, projects, and employees together by utilizing cloud and hybrid solutions in order to optimize productivity.

Cloud Solutions in DuBois, PA

What is Cloud Solutions?

In short, they deliver computer services over the internet. This includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. Providing these services through cloud allows faster innovation, flexible resources, and the ability to scale with your business growth. You only pay for the services you use which helps you decrease operating costs and run your infrastructure more efficiently as well.

What services are available with Cloud Computing?

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

This service can deliver fundamental network and storage resources on-demand and ultimately, pay-per-use.

Disaster and Data Recovery

The cloud is the most cost-efficient way to recover lost data especially with the speed data can be recovered.

Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud

This allows the company's private cloud services to connect with a third-party public cloud in order to choose the best cloud for their task.

Test and Development

One of the foundations of cloud computing, this process allows businesses to set up one main computer. Then, virtual machines, which have their own operating system, behave like physical computers, even though it's using the main computer to run.

Big Data Analytics

Retailers and suppliers often use this to test the buying patterns of their target audience. Given that this then allows them to advertise and market effectively.

Cloud Storage and Data Backup

Data backup is an important step in protecting your data but also your business. Cloud storage allows for an easy and safe way to do this due to the accessibility.

Carlson Technologies, Inc. offer Cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions to help your business save money. Using our services will save you money because you will avoid time-consuming IT management chores. Therefore, resulting in you getting to spend more time doing what you do best and leaving the rest to us.

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