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Website Hosting Services

Carlson Technologies, Inc is the best way to have a secure and reliable place to host your website. Our dedicated servers will keep your site up and running while protecting your files against cyber attacks. Our team monitors your website for any sign of suspicious activity. This allows us to protect your site better.

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting makes your website visible on the internet. Every site on the web needs to be hosted on a server (even this one!). When you search for a website or type in the domain name, your computer retrieves files from the server hosting the site to display it on your screen. A good web hosting company makes sure your site is always running, protects you from cyber hacks and attacks, and makes it easy for you to connect your site to your domain.

Don't have a website? Carlson Technologies is a one-stop shop for all your website needs. We can help you with creating your website, hosting, and website maintenance. Check out our web design page for information about having us create your website for you! Our design team can create a professional site that meets all your needs. Once it's done, we can host the site on our servers at a yearly fee. All your website needs in one easy place.

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