Managed Services

Carlson Technologies, Inc. specializes in managed service solutions to provide and maintain a full-service IT Department for your company. Whether you don’t have an IT Department, or you need added help to your department, CTi is here to provide you our services 24/7/365.

Proactive Solutions

Stop things before they happen or become crippling to your company. Managed Services offers a proactive solution of alerting and monitoring to make sure your infrastructure stays up and running.

Added Security

Scripting, Monitoring, and Alerting adds a bolstered up security system for your company to stay protected all the time. Not only does our Managed Services do this, but so does our cloud security firewalls and cloud anti-virus.

Reduced Downtime

If we know things are going to happen, we can act on them fast to reduce the downtime of your company or an important user’s computer.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring can let us know when something happened, why it happened, and lead us in the right direction to make sure it’s fixed properly and effectively.

Full-Service IT

Carlson Technologies will become your Full-Service IT department depending on the Managed Services package you choose. Contact us today to learn about all of our managed service solutions.

Network Stability

Being proactive on a network calls for more stability. The more you are aware of the issues going on within your network, the more you can do to prevent them and keep things stable.

Trustworthy. Proactive. Professional.

Contact us today to learn more about what our managed services team can do for you. 

“This is where you want to go for all your computer solutions!”

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“A Great Company to work with for our business!! Has helped with our website to update and also with getting us up and started with ebay. Thank You!”

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“This is the best Computer company that I’ve ever had work for me. No job to big or to small. Awesome!!”

General Review

“Thanks for always taking care of my crazy computer!! Fantastic fast service & always able to get everything fixed!!!”

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