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Genesis PC Builder Services from Carlson Technologies

Customized PC Builds

Our PC Builds work perfectly for your business or office needs. We provide services for building, upgrading and repairing all Genesis computers.

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More Power. More Potential.

Computers aren't one size fits all. So, we don't grab a standard PC off a shelf. Our Genesis computers are build specifically for you and your needs. Ultimately, they are fully optimized to handle anything you throw at it. We can also modify our builds to give you more storage space, better graphics, or a more powerful processor. We guarantee that your PC will do exactly what you want— nothing more or less. Likewise, we don't just build you a computer, we build you your computer.

Included in our build is a one-year warranty that you can expand two or three additional years. While our Genesis PCs are built to last, a little protection never hurt. If, at any point, you find yourself requiring more power or more space, you can reach out to upgrade your Genesis to get the job done.

At Carlson Technologies, our tech team can also transfer the data from your old PC to the new build, so you can start working instantly.

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