Our Company

Our History

Carlson Technologies, Inc., formerly TKS Computer Solutions, is the area’s leading provider for IT Solutions and Support.  As of January 1st, 2018, TKS Computer Solutions transitioned to Carlson Technologies, bringing with it 13 years of area leading support to both residential and commercial customers.  We currently hold over 50 years of combined IT and Telecommunications experience on our staff.  Carlson Technologies’ main office is located at 21 North St. Mary’s Street in St. Mary’s, PA.  On August 6th, 2018, we officially opened our Warren, PA storefront located at 225 Liberty St in Warren.  Our mission is to provide unrivaled IT support solutions by creating proactive approaches, employing experienced dedicated IT professionals, and creating long-lasting business relationships.  It is our goal to be the face of all your IT needs.

Our Vision

Throughout our existence we have always provided top level support for home users and commercial customers alike.  We specialize in everything from simple PC and phone repairs, to cabling and infrastructure design, to security cameras systems, to large scale commercial networking design and implementations.  Since our transition to CTi in January, we have begun to expand our services and our mission.  Recently, we launched our Fiber Optics Division specializing in fiber optic design & implementation and fiber splicing & repair services.  Within our mission to provide unrivaled IT support falls our dedication to innovation and design for your future.  While the majority of our footprint falls within the Central and Northwestern part of Pennsylvania, we currently offer support, both on-site and remotely, to many customers throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  We are consistently looking to expand both our offerings and our footprint.  We look forward to providing you with reliable, efficient, and dedicated support.  Let your future be our vision.

Trustworthy. Proactive. Professional.

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