Mobile Device Repair & Training

Carlson Technologies, Inc. is a full-service mobile device repair & training company. We specialize in screen repairs, home button replacements, battery replacements, & more!  If you need help understanding how your device works, Carlson Technologies can get you trained on the latest features and operating system releases.

Cracked Screen Replacement

Touch screen doesn’t work anymore? LCD screen is cracked and looks like a spiderweb? We will replace your cracked touch screen or cracked LCD screen at any of our storefront locations

Home Button Replacement

Home button sticking or not working like it used to? Bring it down to our shop, we will replace your home button and get it working like new again.

Front/Back Camera Replacement

Camera won’t open on your phone but it worked fine yesterday? Carlson Technologies can order you an original manufactured camera for your specific phone and get it replaced and working again.

OS Updates and Repairs

Operating System updates can go wrong and cause you device to be unusable or not function properly.  We can load a fresh update or roll your device back an update to get your device in working order.

Application Assistance

Want to use an application but don’t quite understand how things work? One of our technical experts will work with you at the front desk to get you up to speed on the ins and outs of the application in question

Mobile Device Training

The experts at Carlson Technologies can get you up to speed with your latest mobile device. Stop in at a storefront and get trained on your device today.

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Contact us today to learn more about what CTi can offer you. 

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